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The Visionary Entrepreneur & Founder of Own My Swing, LLC


Howard Reisman, Own My Swing – Founder/CEO

It is interesting to note that the industries that have been disrupted through innovation and technology are typically done so by high tech entrepreneurs from outside that industry. Steve Jobs reinvented the music industry (iPod), cellular communication (iPhone) and film animation (Pixar). Detroit didn’t commercialize the electric car – that was accomplished by visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk who first disrupted the financial world with PayPal.

Years prior to founding Own My Swing, Howard Reisman, a successful high-tech entrepreneur, was fortunate enough to sell his 20-year-old enterprise software company and semi-retire in his late forties. Howard had been a single-digit handicap since the age of 16, club champion, and golf team regular for decades. However, between family and business responsibilities his handicap started to creep up to 10 and then eventually 15.

In a futile attempt to improve, Reisman took many lessons from numerous teachings professionals over the years, each with a different message and teaching method. The harder Reisman tried the worse his golf became! By 1998, Reisman finally quit golf entirely only to take up flying which quickly became his passion. He not only become an instrument and commercially rated pilot, but created the industry’s first FAA-Accepted Avionics Performance Training Software designed to prevent accidents like the JFK. Jr. tragedy. In 2005 the Reisman then founded addressing the health and fitness marketplace.

By 2013, Reisman at age 68 decided to take up golf again and was committed this time to seriously improve so he might enjoy playing golf for the rest of his life. According to Reisman “It was no fun hacking the ball around when I could remember how well I played in my youth.” So he hired one of the best known Top 50 teaching professionals who he placed on a serious monthly retainer! “After six months he still had me on the driving range only, and only allows to hit balls off a tee and a flat lie! Imagine – that’s after he pocketed many thousands of dollars of my hard-earned money!” Reisman emphasized.

The Perfect Storm Gathers

Not accepting defeat, and because of his computer, engineering and business track record, Reisman was able to determine that there were at least two disruptive technologies that were becoming commercially available that could address both the physical golf swing as well as the mental aspect of the game. Together with his proven visionary, technology and leadership skills, Reisman has assembled one of the finest team of engineers, programmers, biomechanics and performance coaches in the world in order to make this perfect storm a reality!

Golf Instruction is Broken

More than 3 million golfers quit the game each year, many finding the game too difficult and frustrating. With all of the improvements in equipment, balls, and instruction tools and techniques the average handicap index has not changed in 30 years — it is 19.1!

Jim Murray, the famous Pulitzer Prizewinning sportswriter for both Sports Illustrated and the LA Times summed it up this way:

“If they taught sex like they teach golf, the human population would have died out centuries ago.”

The fact is the golf instruction industry is broken. There are no real standards with each teaching professional being left on his own after having paid many thousands of dollars in PGA certification fees. No wonder many these PGA professionals are either struggling to earn a living teaching or forced to give up their passion and take jobs outside the golf industry.

According to one highly acclaimed top-50 golf instructor over the last three decades, PGA professionals basically receive their teaching accreditation by sitting through a number of seminars observing someone else teaching without ever really learning the fundamentals of teaching or, in fact, how the brain actually learns.

The Myelinator™ is disruptive game changing technology for serious golfers to finally ‘own their swing’ without any swing instructor required

All human skills reside in the brain – no muscle memory. Myelin is the holy grail of skill acquisition.The myelination process allows brain signals to propagate faster and with much less signal loss. Signals are sent to different areas in the brain along pathways called Axons. Recurring use of these Axons (through practice) generates MYELIN which is like electrical tape for these pathways increasing propagation of electrical signals from 2 mph to 200 mph– its like neural broadband! Axons that fire together- wire together!


The Myelinator(tm) consists of:

  • Proprietary Myelinator™ Software
  • Two (2) 3-D sensors attach to your body and club
  • The ideal swing for your body type is loaded into memory
  • The swing path is defined by eight positions with each position held for approximately 5 seconds
  • 22 inch HD touch screen provides visual feedback as well as audio.
  • 15 Minutes of deep practice each day
  • No golf ball necessary since you are learning the proper swing – the ball just happens to be in the swing path
  • Use The Myelinator to calibrate yourself before each game
  • The Myelinator™ is the game changing technology for serious golfers to ‘own their swing’ without any swing instructor ever required

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