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Olympia Fields CC To Host Own Your Swing ‘Total Experience’ Workshop July 26,27

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Olympia Fields, IL– July 7, 2016 – The nationally recognized Olympia Fields CC, home to numerous PGA and US Open Championships and where Bryson de Chambeau won the US Amateur in 2015, will host the inaugural Own Your Swing 2-Day ‘Total Experience’ Workshop July 26,27. According to Own My Swing Founder, Howard Reisman, “there has never been an event of this caliber integrating the coolest, most effective, technologies with one of the finest instructors in the country – EA Tischler of New Horizons Golf. As a player E.A. has won over 30 professional tournaments and by many he is considered the “Pro’s-Pro,” because of the many touring professionals he has coached and instructors that he continues to mentor. He is Director of Instruction at famed Olympia Fields CC.
The Own Your Swing ‘Total Experience’ workshop includes Two( 2) Night stay on the premises at prestigious Olympia Fields CC including meals, Customized Power-of-3 Golf Swing Screening & Fitting, Myelinator™ Training, FocusBand™ / iFlow™ Training, 18 Holes on Championship North Course, 9 Holes on Championship South Course all coached by E.A Tischler (Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor) on-course, the range and in the Performance Center. A very special rate of $2250. for the entire package has been arranged. However space will be limited to eight (8) students with an early bird rate of $1950. that will apply through July 15. To sign up click here : (
“While studying how each individual’s body mechanics are organized”, Tischler explains, “we developed the Revolutionary Power-of-3 Golf Approach, which enables us to screen golfers and identify what swing characteristics match each golfer’s unique body. At the cornerstone of our philosophy we have identified 12 biomechanical features that relate to the human body. Each feature has 3 options and only one of these options fit the individual. To truly Own Your Swing you need to know the combination of those 12 feature/options that make up your biomechanical design. We utilize this as the foundation to build an optimized custom swing that produces effortless power, heightens repeatability and increases longevity.”
The custom fitted swing is then programmed into the revolutionary ‘Practice Made Perfect’ Myelinator™. “All human skills reside in the brain, there is no muscle memory – it’s all about myelination!,” explains Tischler. The Myelinator™ is the first brain-centric training device designed specifically to ‘myelinate’ a golf swing utilizing 3D sensors, biofeedback and ‘deep practice’. The ‘Practice Made Perfect’ Myelinator™ has been proven to dramatically cut down the amount of time (up to a factor of 10) it takes for improvement and provides instructors the reassurance that their pupils are practicing perfectly! According to E.A. Tischler, “Myelinator™ will change the landscape of golf instruction and I am excited to offer have this game changing technology to both my professional and amateur golfers. (
There will be at least three myelination sessions over the two days as well FocusBand /iFlow training which EA guides the student through a customized process of performing in the zone.
For more information of the Workshop call 866-456-6543 ext 101.