Bobby Clampett’s Impact Zone Golf Selects ‘Practice Made Perfect’ Myelinator™

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Master Coach Matt Walter(left), Bobby Clampett (centre), Howard Reisman, Own My swing Founder (right)

Bobby Clampett’s Impact Zone Golf Selects ‘Practice Made Perfect’ Myelinator™

100 Swing Challenge Shows Massive Results Without Hitting a Golf Ball

Naples, Florida – April 25, 2016 – Bobby Clampett, Founder and CEO of Impact Zone Golf and the inventor of Impact-Based® ‘Golf Instruction, in Naples, Florida has selected Own My Swing’s Myelinator™/Academy Swing Coach in his new 7500 square foot high tech digs which already has everything from Trackman and Sam Putt Lab to Swing Catalyst and Impact Zone Central.
“Its all about myelination! All human skills reside in the brain – there is no muscle memory!” explains Bobby Clampett. The Myelinator™ is the first brain-centric training device designed specifically to ‘myelinate’ our Impact Zone, Impact-Based® teaching philosophy and metrics into a customized golf swing for the student. The ‘Practice Made Perfect’ Myelinator™ dramatically cuts down the amount of time it takes for improvement and provides instructors the reassurance that their pupils are practicing perfectly! The Myelinator™ will change the landscape of golf instruction and we are stoked to have this visionary technology at Impact Zone Golf.”
The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle explains how Myelin grows in the brain, and how each of us can have more of it. According to Coyle, “Myelin, the holy grail of skill acquisition, allows brain signals to propagate faster along pathways called axons. Recurring use of these axons (through deep practice) generates Myelin, which is like electrical tape for the brain, increasing propagation of electrical signals from 2 mph to 200 mph – it’s like neural broadband! Axons that fire together- wire together!”

Impact Zone has now commenced The 100 Swing Challenge and is signing on players of different skills, ages and genders. The Challenge will allow players to see rapid and massive results in their golf game in 100 Swings, teaching them to produce dynamic impact (the common denominator of all the great players in the history of the game) and all without ever hitting a golf ball!

According to Impact Zone Golf student and scratch golfer Garth Carter “I had been working on consistency and sequence in my swing, especially the driver. I have always driven the ball long just not always straight. And my swing was always based on timing. When I was introduced to the Myelinator™ at Impact Zone Golf everything changed.”

“With the Myelinator™”, continued Carter, “ Deep Practice’ was wonderful because I was able to fully conceptualize every position, especially from the downswing to follow through. Also I could understand some of the movements biomechanically that my body had never done before or had trouble with, so I could continue to work on them in the gym. Since my initial 100 Swing Challenge, my dispersion numbers have gone from 80ft off target to 50/40ft off target in a 10 shot pattern. I am currently working on my next 100 Swings and am super excited to continue my journey to be better and more consistent. Thanks to the Bobby Clampett’s Impact Zone Golf partnership with Own My Swing for this revolutionary accelerated training technology.”

About Own My Swing
Own My Swing delivers disruptive brain-centric products and services enabling serious golfers to finally take ownership of their golf game. World-class engineers, programmers, PGA Tour-level performance and biomechanics coaches have designed Own My Swing’s proprietary products, including The Myelinator™ Swing Coach, (, and FocusBand™ ( The Own My Swing Academy held at the Mylelinator™ Mansion in Rancho Santa Fe, CA integrates these products with proprietary learning methodologies in its signature ‘Practice Made Perfect’™ Program. For more information visit ( or call 866-456-6543 Ext 101.

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