Own My Swing Launches ‘Put You Brain on Plane’ Workshops

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Tony Tesoro Putting His Brain On Plane

Rancho Santa Fe, CA – May 9, 2016 – “If they taught sex like they teach golf, the human population would have died out centuries ago”, wrote Jim Murray, Pulitzer Prizewinning sportswriter for both Sports Illustrated and the LA Times.
According to Virgil Herring Golf Channel Academy Coach, radio host of Talking Golf Live and Own My Swing Master Performance Coach, “The game of golf is getting ready to change, and how it is learned at an elite level! Way faster…and way cheaper than the old model because the old model is broken.”
Deploying disruptive technologies including 3D Sensors, biofeedback and neurofeedback, Own My Swing, through its exclusive flagship ‘Practice Made Perfect’ Myelinator™ and FocusBand™ offerings, has developed a series of paradigm shifting ‘Put Your Brain on Plain’ Instructor/Player Workshops. They are available currently through seven locations including Olympia Fields CC (Chicago, IL), TPC Harding Park (San Francisco, CA), The Bridges (Rancho Santa Fe, CA) , Westhaven CC (Nashville,TN), The Links at Victoria (Los Angeles, CA) Otter Creek GC (Columbus, IA) as well as Bobby Clampett’s Impact Zone Golf at Tiburon GC (Naples, FL).
Tony Tesoro of Sherwood Country Club, Thousand Oaks, CA is 66,has been playing golf for 25 years and recently won the Super Seniors Club Championship. “My experience at the VIP ‘Put Your Brain on Plane’ Workshop at Myelinator Mansion™ in Rancho Santa Fe was far more than I expected. I came down to learn about the FocusBand, Mushin and Quiet Eye. I was also introduced to The Myelinator™ which was blew me away! Now that I am ‘Putting My Brain On Plane’ I am closer to my goal of winning more tournaments.”
“We have always believed that golf is 90% mental”, Herring explained, and now that estimate may be low! After all, there are two only magic components to executing the proper golf swing – firstly, the ability to learn and store (or myelinate) a proper swing in our brain and secondly, the ability to access and deliver that swing on command under pressure! Think of it this way – storing the proper swing into our memory is like depositing funds into our bank while executing that swing is like accessing those funds. We call it Myelination and Flow!”
“All human skills reside in the brain – there is no muscle memory – its all about myelination!” explains Own My Swing Founder Howard Reisman. The Myelinator™ is the first brain-centric training device designed specifically to ‘myelinate’ a customized golf swing for the student. The ‘Practice Made Perfect’ Myelinator™ dramatically cuts down the amount of time (up to a factor of 10) it takes for improvement and provides instructors the reassurance that their pupils are practicing perfectly! According to E.A. Tischler, Instructor at Olympia Fields and author of 28 books on golf including Secrets of Owning Your Swing. “The Myelinator™ will change the landscape of golf instruction and I am excited to offer have this game changing technology to my both my professional and amateur golfers. (http://ownmyswing.com/Myelinator.php)
To arrange your One-on-One VIP ‘Put Your Brain on Plane’ Workshop call 800-456-6543 Ext 101.
About Own My Swing
Own My Swing delivers disruptive brain-centric products and services enabling serious golfers to finally ownership of their golf game. World-class engineers, programmers, PGA Tour-level performance and biomechanics coaches have designed Own My Swing’s proprietary products, including The Myelinator™ Swing Coach, (http://www.ownmyswing.com/Myelinator.php), The MyelinationStation™ and FocusBand™ (http://www.ownmyswing.com/iFocusband.php). The Own My Swing Academy held at the MylelinatorMansion™ in Rancho Santa Fe, CA integrates these products with proprietary learning methodologies in its signature ‘Put Your Brain on Plane™’ Program. For more information visit OwnMySwing.com (http://www.ownmyswing.com) or call 866-456-6543 Ext 101.
Howard Reisman, Own My Swing, 866-456-6543 Ext 101, howard@ownmyswing.com