Olympia Fields CC Hosts BioSwing Dynamics/Myelinator Global Summit


‘Instruction Disruption’ Platform Integrates Myelinator, FocusBand, Smart2Move Technologies


Olympia Fields, IL – June 20, 2017 – E.A. Tischler, Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor and known to many as the Pro’s-Pro because of the work he does with Touring Professionals, including Brandt Jobe and Scott McCarron who finished 1-2 recently at the PGA Tour Champions Principal Charity Classic, will be hosting the inaugural BioSwing Dynamic™/Myelinator™ Global Summit. The Summit is designed for future thinking, business-minded teaching professionals and will be held at famed Olympia Fields CC, south of Chicago, on July 31st and August 1st, 2017. Every now and then new technology is introduced that “disrupts” the status quo, and from that new technology great advances are made in the areas of learning and performance. According to Tischler, “That is exactly what we are now experiencing with the paradigm shifting BioSwing Dynamics™/Myelinator™ Ecosystem.” Additionally, the Ecosystem offers an innovative ‘Revenue Sharing Model’ for the Golf Professional’s Business.


The Summit will provide important insights for attendees from around the world to learn about this game-changing opportunity and to be at the forefront of what Own My Swing Founder, Howard Reisman, calls ‘Instruction Disruption’. The ‘Instruction Disruption’ Platform includes the integration of multiple learning technologies such as The Myelinator, FocusBand and Smart2Move Force Plates. It also features a Cloud-Based Digital Platform, which allows information tracking and flexibility to train and do business globally. Additionally, the BioSwing Dynamics™/Myelinator™ Ecosystem integrates a proprietary BioSwing Dynamics™ Program.

In recent years new technologies have been introduced to allow instructors to measure and assess all aspects of the golfer’s swing. Recently we have even seen new biofeedback systems that help enhance the quality of the golfer’s training. However, with the BioSwing Dynamics™Myelinator™ Ecosystem, we can ensure our students are training the exact “Swing Form” that we program for them, while experiencing deeper levels of learning. Additionally, with the protocols established by the BioSwing Dynamics™ approach to coaching and learning we can ensure that the patterns we program match each student’s specific Body Mechanics. Deep learning is enhanced even further with training protocols that use both the FocusBand and Myelinator.

To understand more clearly how the Ecosystem works, the Myelinator™ is a brain-centric training device designed specifically to ‘myelinate’ the golfer’s ideal “Swing Form”. It utilizes a 3D sensor system that allows instructors to capture the student’s “Swing Form” through identifying optimal positions for the student to swing through. The FocusBand™ is a wearable brain-sensing headset, used by many elite players on the PGA Tour, PGA Tour Champions and other tours around the world. More specifically it a neurofeedback device that allows the golfer to become aware of whether, or not, they are in right state of mind for optimal performance. Within the BioSwing Dynamics™/Myelinator™ Ecosystem, the integration of the FocusBand™ with the Myelinator™ allows the student to experience even deeper levels of learning.

Smart2Move Founder/CEO Gregory Lebrat has been working with BioSwing Dynamics™ co-founders Mike Adams and E.A. Tischler over the past year to bring together their technologies with the BioSwing Dynamics™ community. Jean Paul Fernandez,Smart2Move CTO and golf biomechanics engineer, will be at the Global Summit to announce the partnership between Switzerland-based Smart2Move and their S2M force plates and the BioSwing Dynamics™/Myelinator™ Ecosystem.

Two of the finest BioSwing Dynamics™ instructors, whom E.A. Tischler recruited to help field test the technology, will be part of the team presenting at the Summit. Jeff Smith, Columbus, IN commented, “After testing the BioSwing Dynamics™/Myelinator™ system, I can say for certain it is one of the very best tools I have to help my students improve. I set the swing parameters for them, and they use it to train their motion. The results are simply amazing!”   And according to Joe Plecker (Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor), Baltimore, MD, “Training in golf has taken giant leaps forward with the Myelinator™. Through deep practice, my students can ingrain their swing motions with precision and long-term retention. The Myelinator™ is an essential part of my teaching program.”

The BioSwing Dynamics™/Myelinator™ Ecosystem will provide a total game changer for instruction and learning in the game of golf! Now is the time to get involved! Save the dates and schedule your trip to Olympia Fields CC for July 31st and August 1st, the future begins now!

Cost of the Summit is $175 per person. For more information please email summit@ownmyswing.com or call 310-387-4149.

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