Own My Swing Brain-Centric Academy Opens in Carlsbad, CA

 First Myelinator™ Swing Coach Training Dates Set for Nov 16-19

Rancho Santa Fe, CA – September 16, 2015 – “Its about the brain, stupid! All human skills reside in the brain – there is no muscle memory” declared Howard Reisman, Own My Swing Founder/CEO who believes that we are at the dawn of a new era in golf instruction. “This is huge – it changes everything we believed about golf instruction.” Reisman declared

According to Daniel Coyle author of The Talent Code, “Myelin, the holy grail of skill acquisition, allows brain signals to propagate faster along pathways called axons. Recurring use of these axons (through deep practice) generates Myelin, which is like electrical tape for the brain, increasing propagation of electrical signals from 2 mph to 200 mph – its like neural broadband! Axons that fire together- wire together! As a result skill acquisition increases by up to tenfold!”

Own My Swing last week announced the availability of The Myelinator™ Swing Coach – the world’s first training device designed specifically to ‘myelinate’ the perfect golf swing for the individual golfer.The Myelinator™ Swing Coach consists of two (2) 3D sensors are attached, one to the body the other to the club, proprietary Myelinator Academy Performance Software (MAPS) running on a powerful Windows 10 processor driving high speed graphics being displayed on 22” HD touch screen monitor.


We are excited to announce the first Myelinator™ ‘Practice Made Perfect™’ Program to be held November 16-20 here in Carlsbad, CA. The four day program is an industry first where each student will be training with their own Myelinator™ Swing Coach for the duration of the course. A customized ideal swing based on body type and biomechanics is then loaded into memory, with the swing path being defined by metrics addressing eight (8) positions in three dimensional space for both the club head and body. These become the metrics for the golfer’s unique swing. Practice consists of only fifteen (15) minutes each day on The Myelinator™– no golf balls to hit. The Myelinator™ is the game changing technology for serious golfers to ‘own their swing’ without a swing instructor ever required again.





About Own My Swing

Own My Swing delivers disruptive brain-centric products and services enabling serious golfers to finally ownership of their golf game. World-class engineers, programmers, PGA Tour-level performance and biomechanics coaches have designed Own My Swing’s proprietary products, including The Myelinator™ Swing Coach (http://www.ownmyswing.com/Myelinator.php) and FocusBand™ Performance Coach (http://www.ownmyswing.com/iFocusband.php). The Own My Swing Academy, in Carlsbad, California integrates these products with proprietary learning methodologies in its signature ‘Practice Made Perfect’™ Program. For more information visit OwnMySwing.com (http://www.ownmyswing.com) or call 866-456-6543 Ext 101.


Heather Armbrust, Own My Swing, 866-456-6543 Ext 111, heather@ownmyswing.com



‘Tiger Woods – that guy’s got a lot of Myelin” says Dr. Douglas Fields, director of the Laboratory of Developmental Neurobiology at the National Institutes of Health.