‘Practice Made Perfect’ Myelinator™ Delivers Massive Results Fast – Myelinator™ Fever Spreads to TPC Harding Park in San Francisco


Master Coach Matt Walter(left), Mitch Lowe (centre), Howard Reisman, Own My swing Founder (right)

‘Practice Made Perfect’ Myelinator™ Delivers Massive Results Fast –

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Myelinator™ Fever Spreads to TPC Harding Park in San Francisco

Rancho Santa Fe, CA – April 18, 2016 – “There is no muscle memory – there’s Myelin” explains Own My Swing Master Coach Matt Walter. “The Myelinator™ is the first brain-centric training device designed specifically to ‘myelinate’ the most efficient golf swing for the individual golfer based on body type. The ‘Practice Made Perfect’ Myelinator™ dramatically cuts down the amount of time (up to 10 times less) it takes for improvement and provides the instructor the reassurance that their pupils are practicing perfectly!”
According to Daniel Coyle, author of The Talent Code, “Myelin, the holy grail of skill acquisition, allows brain signals to propagate faster along pathways called Axons, Recurring use of these Axons (through Deep Practice) generates myelin. It’s like neural broadband!”
“The results are nothing short of spectacular!”, stated Own My Swing Founder Howard Reisman. “Going forward we plan to share first hand accounts we call Myelinator Moments such as the one we received from newly Certified Own My Swing Coach, Mitch Lowe PGA. Mitch has more than 20 years experience as an award-winning private coach, including time spent as an instructor for PGA, Nationwide and Canadian PGA TOUR players, in addition to thousands of amateur golfers. Mitch has been honored five times as the Northern California PGA Player of the Year in 2001, 2005, 2009, 2011 & 2012.

According to Lowe, who teaches at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco, “I have been teaching golf for 20+ years. I have been playing competitive golf for 40 years! During this time there has always been the want and desire to somehow create and maintain a consistent golf swing. Sure, video has been around and has been a major advancement in getting swing mechanics in a better spot. But even with super slow motion video there is still no way of precisely measuring and perfecting the exact positions to make a consistent repeatable swing.”

“Well now there is way and it’s called the Myelinator!”, stated Lowe. “Having the ability to repeat and measure exactly where I want my swing has been a huge asset and relief. Trusting and knowing that I am doing it correctly not only makes my practice more efficient and useful but also gives me the confidence to take it onto the golf course!”

“I am lucky enough to have had some success playing competitive golf over the past few decades and been fortunate to compete against the very best in the world. But honestly over the past two years I have not performed very well – certainly not up to my standards and I really couldn’t put my finger on why I wasn’t striking the ball very well and thus wasn’t scoring very well. I knew what I wanted to do in my golf swing but there was no way of knowing or measuring if I was actually doing what I thought I wanted.”

“Being involved with the Myelinator™”, continued Lowe, “has been such a huge help in a couple of ways. First of all, it is a great comfort to know that I am working on the correct positions regardless of the immediate outcome. And the slow, deep, perfect practice, builds Myelin in my brain and ensures that those swing positions become ingrained in my swing mechanics. The ability to be on the Myelinator™ on a regular basis is necessary and important because it allows me to be measured in exactly the correct positions day in and day out without the question of “Am I really doing this right?” As we all know the golf swing feels very different form day to day and getting to the correct swing positions can feel very different from a Thursday to a Sunday!

Breaking News …after just a few weeks on the Myelinator™ Mitch Lowe went from finishing in the middle of the pack over the past couple of years to back in the winners circle having just won an event!

“Furthermore, as a Certified Own My Swing Coach, Myelinator™ allows my students to feel and repeat the exact positions of the swing that we are working on. Each step in the process must be done perfectly and held in that position so that myelin can be built up for future perfect swings on the golf course. Continued work with the Myelinator guarantees improved swing mechanics and makes me look great as an instructor!”
Myelinator™ consists of proprietary Myelinator Academy Performance Software (MAPS) running on a high speed Windows 10 processor driving high speed graphics being displayed on a 23″ HD touch screen monitor. Two (2) powerful 3D sensors are attached, one to the body the other to the club. A customized ideal swing based on body type is then loaded into memory with the swing path being defined by metrics addressing thirteen (13) positions in three dimensional space for both the club head and body. These become the metrics for the golfer’s unique swing. Practice consists of only fifteen (15) minutes day – and no golf balls to hit! The Myelinator™ is truly the game changing technology. Listen to Talking Golf with Virgil Herring and PGA Professional Matt Walter describing in detail how The Myelinator is changing golf instruction. https://soundcloud.com/own-my-swing/talking-golf-with-vergil-herring-and-matt-walter
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Own My Swing delivers disruptive brain-centric products and services enabling serious golfers to finally take ownership of their golf game. World-class engineers, programmers, PGA Tour-level performance and biomechanics coaches have designed Own My Swing’s proprietary products, including The Myelinator™ Swing Coach (http://www.ownmyswing.com/Myelinator.php) and FocusBand™ (http://www.ownmyswing.com/iFocusband.php). The Own My Swing Academy, in Carlsbad, California and Nashville, Tennessee integrate these products with proprietary learning methodologies in its signature ‘Practice Made Perfect’™ Program. For more information visit OwnMySwing.com (http://www.ownmyswing.com) or call 866-456-6543 Ext 101.